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Q)    How do I send an Airgun to you for repair?
A)    Customers wishing to send an airgun for repair should contact us first to be sure we can work on your gun and for our UPS address. Do not ship airguns to our PO Box address. Do not send any airgun via the post office. We do not accept repairs from other countries. Domestic customers should use UPS or equivalent. We have found it best to declare your airgun as an "airgun for repair" or "sporting goods", do not declare it as a gun, weapon, rifle, or pistol. When shipping a package please address it to JGA, LLC to avoid attracting unnecessary attention to the package, include your name, address, phone number, and email address, with a brief note describing the problem or work to be done. We will contact you when your package arrives, just to confirm that we have received it, answer any questions we might have, and we will send a bill when the work is completed. Thank you for your cooperation on shipping.

Q)    I can’t see the Airgun part I require?
A)    We are continually updating and adding items to our site. Unfortunately, not all Airguns parts are posted on-line. If you don’t see what you are looking for it may be because we have not uploaded it yet – please contact us by e-mail with your requirements and we will quite possibly have the airgun part available.

Q)    How much do you charge for Postage?
A)    Postage is automatically calculated at the time of ordering based on the weight of the ordered items and the location of the delivery address.

Q)    How much is the item?
A)    All prices are listed by the item. If an item has a zero price – please contact us for the correct price.